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Girl Holding Lamb

Animal Husbandry Clinics

Live Lambing | Sheep Shearing & more coming soon...

Family farm livestock husbandry from experienced farmers that are passionate about sharing the importance of proper husbandry and what works for them in daily life. From live lambing to shearing and hoof trimming, these clinics will give you the skills and confidence to care for your own animals, practicing proper techniques and knowing the signs of crisis and how to avoid them.

*These clinics do not replace the care of a veterinary professional. Veterinarians should always be consulted when caring for animal health emergencies.

Animal Husbandry Clinics

  • RSVP Live Lambing Clinic (waitlist)
    RSVP Live Lambing Clinic (waitlist)
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Sangudo, Sangudo, AB, Canada
    Come out for a day or night, at Frostad Farms, near Sangudo, AB, and participate in some live lambing. Learn in depth how to deliver lambs, the labor process, special health requirements of ewes and lambs, proper birthing and repositioning technique and how to avoid common mistakes.
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